5 steps to stakeholder engagement and co-creation

Terms of reference

When coordinating with multiple parties about the communication and planning surrounding a project, it is important to agree in advance on the terms of reference (TOR). TOR establish the rules of conduct and the goal to be achieved. By focusing on one theme the topic is much more visible than otherwise. The various parties can then translate this to their own target groups with the corresponding communication or participation strategy. Making an agreement about the terms of reference is therefore a good way to promote awareness about an issue in a way that is tailor-made for the different audiences. One of the rules that you need to agree on is about mutual trust, e.g. about who provides information to the press. Terms of reference can also include an agreement on a civil way of communicating within the group and with external media and press (to avoid negative publicity). The approach to climate adaptation calls for intensive agreements on equivalent cooperation between residents, businesses, the municipality and other involved parties.

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