Water boards

In the Netherlands, water boards are responsible for flood prevention, water quality and quantity, and the treatment of sewage and wastewater. The exact tasks and responsibilities of water boards are laid down in the legislation and regulations.
In addition to the responsibilities referred to above, water boards must also be involved in the following:

  • Collaborating with other government agencies in the context of flood management and sharing information about this.
  • Striving for a contribution to achieving sustainable development.

The respective water board has an operational role in the risk management of the flooding of surface and groundwater. For this reason, there is a framework of legislation and regulations for the cooperation between various advisory bodies and water companies with a common interest in protecting real estate, companies and infrastructure against flooding and damage caused by floods.
The approach to water management varies from country to country. For more information per country, see the links below.

The Netherlands: https://dutchwaterauthorities.com/#anchor-about-us
Flanders: http://www.integraalwaterbeleid.be/en