Municipal maintenance

Maintaining an accessible city, clean streets, dry feet and a comfortable living environment is the task of administrators. A well-functioning city seems self-evident, but behind the scenes professionals think carefully about the management of public space.

When designing climate-proof measures, it is therefore crucial to have management at the table at an early stage. If a measure is not properly managed after installation, it cannot be guaranteed to function properly.

From a management point of view, it is sometimes easier to change as little as possible in the outdoor area and to replace everything 1-on-1. An innovative measure usually requires an innovative way of management and maintenance, which may involve more cost/ effort. However, in view of climate change, one should not only want to stick to the present, but also think about the future, and climate adaptive measures play a major role in this. It is therefore important to jointly develop the operation and management of the climate-proof measure, so that it can be a success and contribute to a well-functioning city.