Project developers develop new projects or reconvert existing buildings for new or different use.
The project developer is often an independent company that focuses on the development of use concepts for homes and businesses and outsources the actual construction to third parties. There are also project development companies that are part of a construction group (the so-called developing builders). An important reason for the project developer’s existence is the assumption of the risks involved in the process of a development. Three risks can be distinguished: how the market develops, the price of construction and how well the development process will proceed.
Market conformity, investment costs and risks play an important role in the decisions made by project developers regarding the realisation of climate adaptive measures. These companies can be driven by governments and regulations. However, current sustainability trends also affect developers in the context of market conformity.
Developers can be forced to or encouraged to include sustainable and green solutions in their design and therefore play an important role in the implementation of climate adaptive and nature-oriented solutions.