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5 steps to stakeholder engagement and co-creation

Establishing partnerships between governments, businesses and local stakeholders can speed up projects and drive sustainable development as well. Anticipating the potential in stakeholder dialogues at an early stage and following our 5 step-by-step guide can lead to successful shared value creation.
Discovering the needs and benefits of collaboration with stakeholders can be a complex experience for companies as well as governments and NGO’s.

Why engage
There are several reasons for organisations to engage stakeholders in the process of a project:

  • Compliancy: to meet the requirements that are set. For example creating transparency and public participation for the residents.
  • Risk control management: To minimalize potential barriers in an early stage.
    For example the construction of the high-rise buildings in the Leiden Station area needsthe support of the residents in order to prevent delay in the process.
  • Innovation: a variety of stakeholders creates new perspectives and innovative projects .

How to engage?
In the practical management of the SPONGE 2020 project we realised several pilot projects and we developed a 5 step approach together. This is not the only way to work with stakeholders but it’s a good start.

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