About SPONGE2020

Sponge2020 is an international collaboration between Dutch, British and Flemish governments. Collectively we work towards measurement that help to deal with the impacts of climate change, specially in urban areas.

The name Sponge2020, is linked to the task at hand: How can we improve water buffering in urban areas and thus have the city function as a sponge.

European Collaboration

Sponge 2020 receives an European subsidy from the Interred program – 2 Seas Mere Zeeën (www.interreg2seas.eu). This European program aims to increase international collaboration for targets that require an international approach, like dealing with the consequences of climate change. A special point of interest within the SPONGE2020 project is creating awareness for the problems and collaboration with all stakeholders involved, like inhabitants, housing corporations, architects, urban developers, local governments and other interest groups. Co-creation of possible solutions contributes to water awareness and a joint shared responsibility.