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  • Architect: 
  • Designer: 
    Pierre Bleuzé, Hiltrud Pötz
  • More info: 
    with the cooperation of Janneke ten Kate, Afer Pastor
  • Design year: 
  • Water: 3
  • Heat: 2
  • Biodiversity: 2
  • Urban agriculture: 3
  • Air quality: 2
  • Multifunctional space usage: 3
  • Costs: 2


A combination of greenhouses, homes, water storage and ecology. The houses are clustered on higher ground and are connected by raised infrastructure. The areas in between can be used as additional space for water storage. During so-called ‘Westlandbuien’ (storms in the Westland region), these areas can flood without their functioning, safety and liveability being adversely affected. In emergencies, the lower areas in the residential strips can also temporarily buffer part of the emergency discharge from the greenhouse areas.

Situation without an increase in water level © atelier GROENBLAUW
Situation with a rise in water level up to 0.5m (frequency once in 25 years) © atelier GROENBLAUW
Situation with a rise in water level of more than 0.5m (frequency > 100 years) © atelier GROENBLAUW
Map Zuidplaspolder Source: atelier GROENBLAUW
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