Thermo Bello, Culemborg, The Netherlands


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  • Water: 1
  • Energy: 3
  • Multifunctional space usage: 1
  • Costs: 1


EVA-Lanxmeer © Thermo Bello

In the EVA-Lanxmeer residential district, the heat for homes and businesses in the district has been provided since 2009 by an energy company that is owned by the residents: the Thermo Bello district energy company. The EVA-Lanxmeer district was built around a drinking water pumping station. Drinking water is supplied to the region by this pumping station. Heat is extracted from this pumped water and used to heat the homes. The temperature of the hot spring in Culemborg from which the water is pumped up is a constant 12°C. Because of the extraction of heat by the heat pump, the water temperature drops to around 10°C. The homes and offices in the district are equipped for this and are supplied with wall and/or floor heating. A heating grid was installed in the district through which water flows with a maximum temperature of 50°C. The heat originates nearly completely from the drinking water. Only in cold periods is supplemental heating necessary from a central gas-fired boiler. This district energy company was able to be formed because the drinking water company that owned the system decided to limit itself to its main business, namely producing and delivering drinking water. The homeowners’ association then decided to take over the energy company jointly.

Scheme of the energy plant © Thermo Bello
Installation at the heat station © Thermo Bello