Meander Medical Centre impression © Atelier PRO Architecten

Meander Medical Centre, Amersfoort, The Netherlands


  • Location: 
    Maatweg, Amersfoort, The Netherlands
  • Client: 
    Meander Medical Centre
  • Designer: 
    Atelier PRO
  • Scale: 
    96,000 m²
  • Realization state/year: 


The design of this hospital takes into account the possibility of the River Eem flooding: all vital functions are situated at 2.6 metres above ground level. If the hospital floods, it can be evacuated safely. The lower spaces were designed with the flood risk in mind, and after a flood they are ready for use after cleaning. Construction began in 2010, and the hospital will become operational in 2013. [Meander Medisch Centrum, 2011]

Meander Medical Centre © Dirk Verwoerd

Interior © Dirk Verwoerd

© Meander Medisch Centrum, Atelier PRO Architecten

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