Caetshage, Culemborg, The Netherlands © Stadsboerderij Caetshage

Caetshage urban farm, EVA-Lanxmeer, Culemborg, The Netherlands


  • Scale: 
    2.5 ha
  • Start year: 
  • Produce: 
    Organic fruit and flowers and cattle
  • Cattle: 
  • Public function: 
    Tearoom, shop, vegetable subscription. The garden is open to the public.
  • Funding: 
  • More info: 
    Elementary school projects, internships, company parties, cooking groups. Care farm Caetshaege is affiliated to the farm.
  • Contact:
  • Water: 3
  • Heat: 1
  • Biodiversity: 2
  • Urban agriculture: 3
  • Air quality: 2
  • Multifunctional space usage: 2
  • Costs: 1


The Caetshage urban farm was created in the EVA-Lanxmeer ecological residential/business district. The municipality provided the ground, enabling this beautiful project to be developed without further subsidies. The farm was built mostly in a water-collection area, on which only non-polluting activities, such as this biological urban farm, were possible.

The urban farm is a so-called care farm and ‘forgotten vegetables’ are cultivated, vegetables are sold and there is a tearoom. There are also educational activities for children.

Caetshage, Culemborg, The Netherlands Source: atelier GROENBLAUW
Sheep shearing © Stadsboerderij Caetshage
The playground and greenhouse Source: Amar Sjauw En Wa
The biological store at city farm Caetshage Source: Amar Sjauw En Wa
© Stadsboerderij Caetshage