Community garden Emma’s Hof, The Hague, The Netherlands © Nelleke Mineur

Vegetable gardens


A home vegetable garden or at a gardening association can provide just about all of a family’s fruit and vegetable needs.

© Pascal Vyncke,

How large should a vegetable garden be?

Measurements of production gardens per person

Partial self-sufficiency:

25 m2  (Vegetables, fruit and herbs, including paths and composting)

Extensive self-sufficiency:

70 m2

Complete self-sufficiency:

170 m2 of which:

  • 20 m2 for vegetables for immediate consumption
  • 40 m2 for preserving and potatoes
  • 100 m2 for fruits and nuts, and
  • 10 m2 for paths and composting

Kitchen garden in the city Delft, The Netherlands © Albert Dijkhuizen