Vegetable garden at Villa Augustus, Dordrecht The Netherlands Source: atelier GROENBLAUW

Fruit and nut trees and berry bushes

  • Water: 1
  • Heat: 1
  • Biodiversity: 3
  • Urban agriculture: 3
  • Air quality: 1
  • Energy: 1
  • Multifunctional space usage: 1
  • Construction costs: 1
  • Maintenance/management: 1


More fruit trees and bushes could be planted in gardens and parks but also along streets. This is good for birds and other animals, but also useful and fun for people. People can then harvest individually or as a community and produce juice and jam. In eastern Germany fruit trees accessible to everyone are planted on land available due to decline. In Germany all fruit trees and berry bushes that can be harvested by the general public are listed on

Villa Augustus, Dordrecht, The Netherlands Source: atelier GROENBLAUW