Water-resistant systems

  • Construction costs


Connections to utilities (sewer, data, drinking water, energy/heat) en communication need to remain functional during floods, or else alternatives must be provided. These connections should be designed in such a way that connection points, meter cabinets, etc. are not situated on the level that is exposed to the flood risk.

Closed drinking water or precipitation reservoirs can serve as temporary alternatives to the drinking water supply. Where water levels rise, sewers should be fitted with check valves to prevent buildings from being flooded with sewage. It is advisable not to locate vulnerable functions, such as computer rooms, on the ground level of the building. Switch boxes for electricity and cables should be placed up high.

Drinking water reservoir included in the cellar of the treatment station Lekkerkerk © Oasen

Connections to utilities are placed above the level of flood conditions © atelier GROENBLAUW