Open gutter © atelier GROENBLAUW

Open gutters


  • Length: 
  • Depth: 
  • Slope: 
  • Water: 1
  • Construction costs: 1
  • Maintenance/management: 1


Open gutters can drain more water due to the larger possible depth and are less dependent on natural or artificial slopes. However, they cannot be cleaned with a standard road sweeper, and they can be an obstacle or a hazard for road users (prams, bicycles, etc.). This should be considered in the design phase.

You see this type of open gutters in Germany in areas with a natural slope in the landscape. Because of this they don’t need to be flushed.


Cross-section of a open prefab gutter © atelier GROENBLAUW
Line gutter in The Hague, The Netherlands © atelier GROENBLAUW