Bo02 Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm, Sweden © atelier GROENBLAUW

Covered gutters


  • Length: 
    max. 100 m in a flat situation
  • Depth: 
  • Slope: 
    slope is built in
  • Water: 1
  • Construction costs: 1
  • Maintenance/management: 2


A prefabricated gutter covered with a grate is a simple form of above-ground drainage for streets and squares. The street profile can be identical to a conventional solution with storm drains but then without the drains.

The gutters can drain more water because of the greater depth and are less affected by a natural or imposed decline.

Covered gutters cannot be cleaned with a regular street sweeper and must be flushed out regularly.

Because they don’t obstruct road use, covered gutters can be used in urban situations. Cyclists and pedestrians can safely cross these gutters.

There are many different prefab products available on the market for covered gutters.

Bo02 Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm, Sweden © atelier GROENBLAUW
Cross-section of a covered prefab gutter © atelier GROENBLAUW