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A gutter is a simple form of above-ground drainage for use on streets and squares. The street profile can be identical to a conventional solution with storm drains but then without the drains and with a slightly deeper gutter.

When developing a district without a rainwater sewage system but with open gutters, it is essential to take into account the slope necessary for the above-ground rainwater system.

The water draining through the gutter is transported to the surface water or infiltrated into the ground by means of an infiltration system. But remember, a gutter must always have a slope.

The slope of a gutter along a road can be realised if the road is constructed on a slope or the slope can be realised in a  gutter with a slope. The maximum length of such a gutter is approximately 50 meters. Otherwise the gutter will get too deep and with the usual width of 30 cm and a maximum depth of more than 5 cm the gutter cannot be cleaned by street sweepers.

If the gutter follows the sloped road, the slope must be at least 0.5 cm/m.