Canal in Delft, The Netherlands © atelier GROENBLAUW

Green maintenance aimed at developing biodiversity

  • Biodiversity: 3
  • Air quality: 1
  • Construction costs: 3
  • Maintenance/management: 1


There are many opportunities for the environment-friendly maintenance of urban green areas. By not always removing leaves, branches and old trees and allowing wild herbs such as nettles to stay, winter homes, nesting and breeding areas are created for many species.

Management can be focused more on maintaining biotopes and less on appearance.

Wild and half-wild grasslands and areas can be integrated in the green plan and maintained as such. Ecological maintenance of green areas also involves not using pesticides and limiting the use of artificial fertilisers.

A more ecological management of green areas requires a certain level of knowledge among the maintenance personnel; training must therefore be part of the switch to ecologic management. Land Oberösterreich, 2008

Canal in Delft, The Netherlands © atelier GROENBLAUW
© Land Oberösterreich, 2008