Wave energie Source: pxhere

Waves and tides

  • Energy: 3
  • Costs: 2
  • Maintenance/management: 2


Waves can be used to generate energy. Conditions in the Netherlands are not optimal for this form of energy. The waves are small, as are tidal differences.

However, new technologies have been developed that might be usable and perhaps profitable under these conditions, for example the VIVACE system. In 2012, a pilot will be launched in which this system is tested in practice. It uses the kinetic energy contained in flowing water. The flow is used to move horizontal tubes up and down. That movement is then used to generate electricity. The prototype of this machine will be monitored over a period of time. Little experience has yet been gained using this finding. If the system works and is profitable, it might be a very interesting option, since it already works at low rates of flow (starting at 1.0 m/s) and does not require any difference in levels. It could be used both on rivers and in tidal areas. Watervakblad H2O, 2012

Source: University of Michigan