Aerated vertical helophyte filter © atelier GROENBLAUW

Aerated vertical helophyte filters


  • Dimensioning: 0,5-1 m²/IE
  • Height: 100 cm
  • Vegetation form: helophytes and other water plants
  • Construction costs: € 400/IE (at 4000 IE) | € 600/IE (at 4 IE)
  • Maintenance/management: € 4/IE/m²
  • Energy costs: € 1/IE (at 4000 IE) | € 4/IE (at 4 IE)


If the vertical filter has additional aeration, the amount of energy it consumes will increase but the filter’s yield will increase by approximately 200%. Since this system takes up less space, it presents additional possibilities in urban environments. This type of filter is also used to treat cleaning water containing antifreeze from airport runways (such as Heathrow and Orly), for example. [Aquarama, 2011]

Aerated vertical helophyte filter

Aerated vertical helophyte filter © atelier GROENBLAUW