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Based on the book green-blue grids, manual for resilient cities

Author Hiltrud Pötz
With contributions of Pierre Bleuzé, Amar Sjauw En Wa – Windhorst and Hans van Someren
Translation Deborah Sherwood, Rob Bradley, Mishka Stuip, and Gina Forno
Graphic design Madeleine d’Ersu
Print Die Keure
Publisher atelier GROENBLAUW, 2016
ISBN 978-90-9029822-1

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Urban Green-blue Grids is a product of atelier GROENBLAUW

Author and project manager Hiltrud Pötz
With contributions of Amar Sjauw En Wa – Windhorst, Hans van Someren, Madeleine d’Ersu, and Bas van Someren
Translation Deborah Sherwood, Rob Bradley, Mishka Stuip, and Gina Forno
Technical design Lisa Dalhuijsen / Studio With
Graphic design Madeleine d’Ersu
Maintenance Chantel van Beurden and Evi van de Logt

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