Organic waste/biomass

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Biomass from gardens and parks, sludge from wastewater and household organic waste can be fermented on neighbourhood or city scale. The created biogas can for instance be used for decentralised cogeneration or as fuel for urban bus transport. Waste from parks and public gardens can be incinerated directly at a cogeneration plant.

The above described measures can also be applied on a city-wide scale.

With further introduction of urban agriculture, waste material can be transformed into biogas.

‘MeppelEnergie’ or Meppel Energy is a local power company of the municipality of Meppel and the power company Rendo. For the newly built district Nieuwveense landen there is a central plant with thermal storage, the “Energy House”. Biogas is produced by the fermentation of sludge from the treatment plant and is used to the provide the heat pump’s energy demand.